Our Family Heritage

The Villwok family comes from a long line of agriculturists starting back to when the first Villwoks left Gramenz, Pommern, Germany in 1875. The homestead was built in 1885 by fritz Villwok, our forefather. When it came time to sell the cattle it was as simple as traveling them down Doge Street to the Omaha stock yards. The homestead is now the Methodist Hospitable area of 189th and West Dodge Rd in Omaha, Nebraska.

3 generations of the Villwok family have lived their lives on this farmstead
Villwok Homestead picture taking in 1960
Fritz and Caroline Villwok

The Villwok Family 

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We are a fifth-generation family farm and ranch located in Randolph and Dunning, Nebraska. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with our family every day. Our beef is born and backgrounded on our ranch in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills. From there they are finished on a high-quality corn-based ration that we produce at our farm in Northeast Nebraska. One of our greatest joys is having the privilege to have our family be apart of every aspect of these animal’s lives.